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Low Testosterone 

Low testosterone in men: What is it, and why does it happen? 

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays an incredibly important role in your health and wellness. However, age, illness, and other external factors can all cause hormonal imbalances that result in low testosterone in men. This hormonal imbalance can lead to unpleasant and disruptive symptoms that leave you feeling less like yourself. So what’s the solution? At Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones in Lakeland, it’s BHRT for men


What is testosterone and what role does it plan in the male body? 

As noted, testosterone is a male sex hormone. It’s made in the testicles and it’s critical for male sexual development and health, as well as other bodily functions. During puberty, it’s the hormone responsible for body hair growth, the deepening of the voice, and increased muscle strength. Testosterone is also responsible for bodily functions like: 


  • Regulating libido and sexual function 

  • Protecting bone mass

  • Regulating fat distribution

  • Protecting muscle mass and strength 

  • Encouraging sperm production

  • Encouraging red blood cell production 


However, testosterone levels in the body can become imbalanced, leaving you with unpleasant symptoms that reduce your quality of life. 


What causes low testosterone in males? 

Low testosterone can occur naturally as men age; as the decades tick by, testosterone levels can steadily drop as part of the aging process. However, age isn’t the only factor that can cause low testosterone. Other causes include: 


  • Obesity 

  • Metabolic conditions, like high blood pressure or unhealthy cholesterol levels 

  • Certain medications, especially antidepressants or narcotics

  • An autoimmune disease 

  • Chemotherapy or radiation 

  • Infection 

  • Damage or injury to the testicles 

  • Toxins and chemicals in environment and food


Additionally, some men are born with conditions that cause low testosterone, including Klinefelter Syndrome or Noonan Syndrome. 


What are the symptoms of low testosterone in men? 

How do you know if low testosterone is causing a hormonal imbalance in your body? The most precise way to find out is to have bloodwork done - at Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones in Lakeland, we can measure your blood testosterone level to see if you’re suffering from an imbalance. However, there are notable symptoms that you may experience when you have low testosterone, including: 


  • Reduced sex drive

  • Erectile dysfunction, or difficulty in gaining or maintaining an erection 

  • Loss of body hair

  • Difficulty growing facial hair 

  • Loss of lean muscle mass 

  • Fatigue and low energy 

  • Loss of strength 

  • Weight gain and difficulty in losing fat 

  • Depression and anxiety 

  • Mental fog 

  • Declining cardiovascular health 


How can you deal with low testosterone and its effects? 

Luckily, there’s a solution for this hormonal imbalance - testosterone replacement. Testosterone replacement or BHRT therapy for men can help restore your hormone levels to where they need to be so you can live your life to its fullest and do away with negative symptoms. 


Where can you get testosterone replacement? 

In order to get an individualized plan for your hormonal imbalance, it’s best to seek out professional treatment like what you’d receive at our HHWH office in Lakeland. Testosterone replacement is available online, but federal DEA requirements require an in person visit every 6 months. Usually we do an in person consult and evaluate bloodwork and medical history to see if you are a candidate for therapy, It’s impossible to create a personalized plan without labwork to see exactly what you need without current and thorough bloodwork.

Can HHWH help you find the right testosterone replacement plan? 

Absolutely. We don’t just specialize in hormone replacement therapy for women - we also offer BHRT for men with low testosterone. We can help you find the exact  form and dose of testosterone and appropriate supplements for your body and your goals to get you back to the wellness level you’ve been missing. We’ll create an individualized plan for you at our Lakeland office to ensure the right plan for you. 


Find testosterone supplements in Lakeland through HHWH today

Ready to start your journey back to wellness? Schedule a consultation for testosterone replacement in Lakeland, FL with Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones. We’re looking forward to helping you recapture your ideal health! 

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