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Who are we at Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones?

Nice to meet you - I’m Danielle! I’m the fearless owner, provider, and one-woman show at Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones. I’ve been a nurse practitioner since 2011 and I’ve been focused on providing care to patients in both family practice and malignant hematology.  I am a board-certified nurse practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. I am also certified in BHRT through the BHRT Training Academy. 


My goal in healthcare? To listen, figure out the root cause for your symptoms, and come up with a BHRT therapy program that’s designed for you and you alone. I strive to ensure that every single patient is heard and cared for, every step of the way.

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What we offer

Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones offers hormone optimization through comprehensive blood work evaluation followed by optimizing hormones like testosterone, progesterone, thyroid and estrogen. We offer personalized services including:

  • Hormone replacement with pellet therapy, creams, troche and patches

  • Testosterone replacement for men through injections (which you can do at home) 

  • Weight loss options through pills and injections with compounded peptides, like semaglutide 

  • Telehealth services for general health, like if you’re sick and need a doctor’s visit for a cold or a UTI

BHRT therapy for women

Why HHWH is different

Are there lots of places where you can get BHRT therapy and telehealth services? You bet… but not all are created equal. Some providers are focused on seeing a high volume of patients and simply giving out medications. They do not want to provide personalized care and take the time to get to know the patient, as it cuts into their time and profit. 


If you just want to pay for medication, I may not be the provider for you. If you want to learn the why, what your labs mean, how they relate to you, or why a particular treatment may work or why it may not, HHWH is right for you. 


If you want someone who takes time to explain and give you detailed explanations - and creates a personalized plan solely for you - then I am the provider you are looking for.

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How to get started on your BHRT journey back to wellness

Want to become a client and begin your BHRT journey with me? Call 863-606-3386 or email Danielle@hello-healthand 


From there, I will email you a link to a questionnaire and consent forms and get you set up in HHWH’s portal, where you can request an appointment in person or through our telehealth services. Currently, appointments will be scheduled in afternoons and evenings and on weekends by request. Consults and visits are by appointment only - we do not offer walk-ins.

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Where we can help you

HHWH is located in south Lakeland (near Bonefish Grill).  We proudly serve Lakeland, Mulberry, and Bartow. Our telehealth services are available at your convenience.

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Why did we start HHWH? 

In 2016, I broke my foot running a half marathon. After the traditionally recommended 8 weeks of recovery time, I had not healed at all. My orthopedic doctor tried to figure out why and suggested testing my hormones. This changed my life.


I started with my gynecologist, who was limited in what they would prescribe even though they recognized my deficiency. I continued to struggle. My bones were not healing, I was tired, and I felt awful. Finally, a good friend suggested pellet therapy, which I had never heard of. 


I found a doctor who offered pellet therapy and my life changed. I started to heal. I found out that I really liked my husband again after all. I had more energy and less aches and pains. I decided I wanted to learn more about hormone replacement therapy and started taking courses. This is where my journey took off. 


I started to notice how many women would go to the doctor with a desire for help with their hormonal imbalances only to be told “ This is normal.” or “This is the start of menopause, just get used to it.”. I also noticed women being treated as if they simply needed a prescription for an antidepressant, like that would solve all their issues. As I watched women struggle, I realized that I wanted to help offer personalized solutions and not just say “Oh well, getting older stinks!”. 


Through my years as a nurse practitioner, patients have consistently told me how I’m different. How when they come to see me, they feel heard and cared for. They feel that they get the best possible care with me. My husband, Bill, suggested that I take the area that I struggled to get help for and turn that into an opportunity to use my knowledge and do what I do best - help patients. Let me help you start your BHRT journey back to wellness today.

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4921 Southfork Drive, Suite 2

Lakeland FL 33813


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