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BHRT For Men

BHRT for Men: What are the options? 

Why we offer BHRT therapy for Men


BHRT therapy - or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy - is commonly associated with women. It goes hand in hand with menopause and women’s hormones, but what many people don’t realize is that BHRT therapy for men exists. So what is HRT for men, and how can it help you live your fullest life? 


What is testosterone, and why is it important? 

Did you know that as men age, their testosterone levels drop? Testosterone in men is a sex hormone that’s responsible for many important processes, including: 


  • Regulating libido and sexual function 

  • Protecting bone mass

  • Regulating fat distribution

  • Protecting muscle mass and strength 

  • Encouraging sperm production

  • Encouraging red blood cell production 




Why does low testosterone occur in men? 

However, just as women face hormonal shifts and imbalances as they shift, so do men. Testosterone levels can drop, leaving you feeling imbalanced and out of control of your own body and in turn, your life. Low testosterone levels can result in symptoms such as: 


  • Reduced sex drive

  • Erectile dysfunction, or difficulty in gaining or maintaining an erection 

  • Loss of body hair

  • Difficulty growing facial hair 

  • Loss of lean muscle mass 

  • Fatigue and low energy 

  • Loss of strength 

  • Weight gain and difficulty in losing fat 

  • Depression and anxiety 

  • Mental fog 

  • Declining cardiovascular health 


Aging isn’t the only thing that can cause low testosterone levels. Injury to the testicles, chemotherapy, obesity, exposure to toxins and environmental chemicals and even certain medications can cause low testosterone in males and a hormonal imbalance. 


How does BHRT for men help low testosterone levels? 

At Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones in Lakeland, we want to help you restore your hormonal balance and live your life to the fullest. That’s why we not only offer BHRT for women, but also BHRT for men. Our Lakeland office can help you find the right hormonal therapy to correct your low testosterone levels and reduce or even eradicate the unpleasant symptoms that go along with it. 


What does BHRT for men involve?

Similar to our BHRT therapy for women, our Lakeland office can prescribe a variety of BHRT therapy options for men. They include: 


  • Injections

  • Pellets

  • Creams or gels

  • Pills



And the best part? At Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones, you’re more than just a number. Each individual that we treat is just that - an individual. We’ll come up with a specially formulated plan that meets your unique needs and goals when it comes to low testosterone - there are no blanket solutions here. Your plan is designed especially for you for the optimal results. 



How do I get started with BHRT for men in Lakeland? 

Creating a unique BHRT therapy plan for you requires some prep work on our end so we can fully understand your body, your hormones, and your goals. Please send an email to An intake questionnaire will be emailed to you and we can order labs and plan an in person consultation to discuss the treatment plan.  Because Testosterone is a level 3 controlled substance, In person visits are required every 6 months. The interim visits can be done through telehealth. 


Start your BHRT therapy today with Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones in Lakeland 

Ready to conquer your low testosterone and restore your wellness? Contact Hello Health, Wellness, and Hormones today to schedule a consultation. 

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